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Amhara Road Works Enterprise (ARWE) is Grade I Construction Company (GC-I) engaged in various road infrastructures works. This Development Enterprise is established as per Regulation No. 71/2010 of the Amhara National Regional State in a bid to undertake Road Infrastructure Works commensurate to the regional and national development realities and ongoing demand of the people.

Managed by and enjoyed professional, human resources and material support of the Amhara National Regional State Roads Authority until 2012, ARWE secured license and autonomy as Grade I Construction Company (GC-I) creating its own organizational structure as of 2012. In its short span of life, the enterprise has improved its organization and performance, developed its infrastructures and accomplished various road works and civil works with excellent quality to satisfaction of its various clients. In this regard, the enterprise succeeded in customer satisfaction and this track record is hoped to continue further in the future as well.

ARWE is organized to regulate the construction market and help the society benefit from roads constructed. In the current reality where road infrastructure is equated to be veins of humans, constructing road infrastructures commensurate to the current economic development trends is vitally important. In this regard, steps are underway to promoting the capacity of local construction companies and helping them further develop as this is believed to be top most priority.

Hence, ARWE is a company which wholeheartedly believes that it has to fill the gap in the construction market characterized by the current lack of resource and capacity of private construction companies which hindered them from engaging on construction of important road networks. As such the enterprise is organized to ensure societal benefits of important road constructions in short period which private construction companies cannot.

ARWE has been serving the society in regardless of the nature of working environment. It has been undertaking infrastructure in rugged, inaccessible and inhospitable areas with a spirit of “Everything is Possible!” and so far various projects have been finalized and handed over to clients. This is an indication as to how public the enterprise is. On the other hand, the enterprise has joined competition in the construction industry at the national level which saw it engaged on Concrete Road Construction Projects in other regions.

Cognizant of the fact that road infrastructure is a vitally determinant factor for other infrastructures, the enterprise has been discharging its duties in line with government positions and public interest. Road infrastructure development cannot be seen detached from other developments as it is impossible to realize any social or economic developments without development of Road Infrastructures. Our enterprise is well aware of this reality and has been serving its role on this light. The enterprise has a vision of becoming one of the forerunners in the Roads, Bridges and other civil works construction sector in the region, the nation and the entire Region of East Africa. So far it has been on the right direction with its vision.

On the moment the Enterprise has been equipped with all the necessary types of equipment’s and machineries as well as committed permanent and contract employees who can realize any mission aligned to its goals. Moreover, the enterprise has been creating temporary employment positions to over 2000 citizens for projects which it undertakes each year. The enterprise is organized with a General Manager, 3 Deputy Managers, 3 Core Processes and 6 Sub-processes at the headquarter level. On the moment, the enterprise has been accomplishing over 10 projects.


To realize that the company becomes one of the most competent and preferred construction companies undertaking roads, bridges and construction of other civil works in the region, in the entire nation and even in Eastern African Region.


Sustainably engage on construction of new roads and bridges in the Amhara region and in the entire nation as well as maintenance and upgrading of road networks and other civil work projects thereby becoming competent company with significant contributions in terms of expansion of road networks and bridges having economic, social and political feasibility to the region in order to make value adding impact to the region through sensitivity for environmental safety in road and bridge construction and maintenance endeavors.  

Core Values

  • Commitment to the realization of our vision and mission
  • Firm belief in being judged by ones performance
  • Striving to enshrine work ethic among the youth and the employees at large
  • Making use of versatile performance measurements 
  • Follow profitable and efficient work rules/ procedures
  • Firm fight against corruption and rent-seeking tendencies
  • Will endorse job creation to women and the youths as integral part of our business
  • We respect ethical values


  • Construction of new roads and bridges as well as upgrading and maintenance of same;
  • Undertaking other kinds of civil work projects
  • Regulating the construction market in the region and beyond
  • Producing, importing, renting and selling out construction materials and machineries;
  • Becoming efficient and effective role player in the existing development 
  • Becoming role model both of process and output
  • Engaging in investment and stock market

Organizational Structure